Cardinals crush Mag's predictions

TEMPE, Ariz. – Midway through the season, I came across the ESPN The Magazine's NFL preview issue and wrote about its predictions for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Magazine thought the Cards would go 3-13, their offense would finish 22nd and the defense would be 18th. Arizona blew those predictions out of the desert, finishing 10-6, while the offense was 12th in the league and the defense finished sixth.

Then there was The Magazine's schedule predictor, which had a good first half, going 5-for-8. Arizona's 180-degree turnaround in the second half made it tougher for The Magazine to accurately predict the Cards' wins and losses and the publication went 3-for-8 down the stretch. It got the losses to Philadelphia and San Francisco and the win over St. Louis correct but missed on all the others.