Why Fitz thinks Cards need Frostee

Frostee Rucker has been turning heads since he was in high school in Southern California.

That's when his unique first name started making waves as he became a high school football star. His name again turned heads in early February.

When Larry Fitzgerald was making his rounds through Radio Row at the Super Bowl, he was constantly asked about whether he was open to restructuring his mega contract in order to give the Cardinals breathing room with their cap space -- we all know he restructured two days after the Super Bowl. But what was interesting was that in Fitzgerald's response to those questions, he always mentioned that by restructuring, he would help the Cardinals re-sign veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby, young Patrick Peterson ... and Rucker.

Yes, Fitzgerald believed that by restructuring, the Cardinals could bring back a 30-year-old backup defensive end who had just 14 tackles and an interception in 343 snaps. It clearly wasn't because of his stats.

Indeed, it wasn't.

Fitzgerald has been so adamant about the Cardinals having room to re-sign Rucker because of his reputation and presence in the locker room.

"Some guys have gaudy numbers," Fitzgerald said. "I know his numbers weren't crazy high. In terms of locker room guy, you can't ask for a better teammate. He busts his ass every day.

"He's not cliquey. He has a personality that meshes with everybody. You can't have enough glue guys in the locker room.

"[If there are issues in the locker room] he's a guy that will address it. Those guys are so valuable to your team. He's been great in our locker room. I think he's very important. I don't know what the Cardinals' views are. I'm just speaking of me personally."