Muffed returns could have led to different issue for Ted Ginn

TEMPE, Ariz. – Had Ted Ginn Jr. not recovered either of his muffed returns Sunday in Oakland, he knew this week might have been vastly different.

But he did and he kept his job as the Arizona Cardinals’ kickoff and punt returner for at least another game.

“The good thing about the whole situation is that it didn’t hurt us,” Ginn said. “So, that’s the biggest thing that keeps me afloat. If we didn’t recover the two, then it can be a possibility of a change or whatever coaches may feel.

“But as of right now, I think we’re pretty steady.”

Ginn muffed a punt by Oakland’s Marquette King less than a minute into the game. It dropped through Ginn’s hands and he fell on it just before the Raiders’ Neiko Thorpe could pounce on it.

The second muff came on a kickoff from Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski in the third quarter. Ginn appears to catch the kick and then it falls off his hands, but he cleanly recovers it in the end zone for a touchback.

Ginn was able to return just two of six punts for seven yards in Oakland but didn’t have a chance to return any of Janikowski’s four kickoffs.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians still supports Ginn as his returner.

“It’s been hit or miss,” Arians said.

“He’s a threat any time he touches it. Kickoffs have gotten – I don’t know if anybody’s returning kickoffs anymore – but if and when he gets an opportunity, he can crack any one. So, I’m still pleased, very pleased with him.”

Ginn said his muffs are amplified more because there are so few of opportunities to return a punt or a kickoff. But he was glad to hear that Arians was still behind him.

“Always when your coach takes your back, it’s always a great deal,” Ginn said.

“It would’ve been game-changing plays but in the same sense, they wasn’t. So, just go on, move on. It ain’t no different than missing a pass or missing a block or missing a tackle. It’s all in the same boat. You just fight through.”