Paul Worrilow ready to elevate his game for Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons started their offseason workout program Monday, because they have a new coach in Dan Quinn.

For Paul Worrilow, offseason workouts started as soon as the 2014 season concluded.

The former undrafted linebacker from Delaware has been known for his work ethic from the moment he stepped in the building. That hasn't stopped Worrilow from putting forth even more effort to prepare for the 2015 campaign.

One of the biggest changes in Worrilow's workout routine? A lot more yoga.

"A great deal of time has been spent with yoga and stretching, stuff like that," Worrilow said. "I've never really done yoga consistently. I've done it at times throughout my football career. But this year, it's been kind of a everyday thing, or at least five days a week.

"Some days, I'll do it for an hour. The program I follow, it's just about relaxing in different positions and allowing your body to move naturally to increase your range of motion. And you'll last longer."

There has been another noticeable change for Worrilow. His desire to improve mobility has made him more drill-oriented rather than consumed with building his physique.

"The drills that I'm working on are focused on me playing low," he said. "If I had to compare this offseason to last offseason, I'd look at it and say I'm spending a lot more time doing things on the field where last year, I was a little more weight room-oriented."

Worrilow hopes is all translates to more success in the middle of Quinn's defensive scheme. Although he has led the Falcons in tackles each of the past two seasons (142 last season, 127 in 2013), some still question Worrilow's abilities, at times.

"I don't read that stuff," Worrilow said. "You've got to worry about yourself. I mean, nobody puts more pressure on me than myself, and that's a constant day in and day out. I feel the pressure to improve and be the best that I can be for myself and for my family."

Several conversations with Quinn have only helped increase Worrilow's confidence about his role.

"I've run into him a couple times and he emphasized to me to have the best offseason I've ever had," Worrilow said. "I think it's about just improving on everything: tackling and everything. The fast and physical part, that fits my mentality very well."

Quinn talked about what he sees in Worrilow.

"I think the first thing that jumps out right off the bat when you watch the tape is that this guy has command of everything," Quinn said. "His football smarts, his intelligence, his grit, the work ethic, all those things. It's easy to see why he's made such a big impact on the team.

"And for us, where we play more 3 deep when we're playing more zone, those are the things where we can see him improve in his tackling. Going into the offseason, each player will have a couple of things they are already doing well and here's a couple of things we can improve on. And collectively, we'll all get better. But I can't wait to see what he can become."

There will be one other significant change for Worrilow this offseason. He is set to become a first-time father to a baby girl.

"I'm excited," Worrilow said. "It's always what I've thought about; having a family. I come from a good-sized family. I hope to have the same and to raise them right."