Matt Bryant: Rule change will make cold-weather games interesting

Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant shrugged off the NFL rule change that moved back extra-point kicks, making it the equivalent of a 33-yard field goal.

“You've just got to go out there and kick it,” Bryant told ESPN.com. “Now the extra point will be 33 yards instead of 20 yards. That's now going to be a part of the game. That's my job, so I just have to go out and do my job. It's not a big deal other than it's 13 yards further.”

Bryant is 19 of 20 for his career on field goals from 32 or 33 yards, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Bryant has made 403 of 407 extra points through his first 14 seasons.

“I missed some early in my career,” Bryant said. “I can't remember the last time. It's been a while.”

Bryant missed two extra points during his rookie season with the New York Giants in 2002. His last miss was in 2008 while with Tampa Bay, when he had an extra point blocked by Carolina's Julius Peppers. Bryant has made all 222 of his extra points in six seasons with the Falcons.

If anything, Bryant believes the new rule will affect kickers in cold-weather cities.

“I think the one thing it can affect the most is like in December, when you start talking about places like Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland [and Green Bay],” Bryant said. “It can make things interesting up there, I would imagine, with the wind. And now, with places like that, it can get kind of [crazy] when you think about the ramifications.

“A 33-yarder, it's not the hardest kick in the world. It's not a gimme, either. You're talking about possibly having to tie a game and it's 34-33 and you've got to kick it to tie it and possibly go into overtime. That will make things interesting for those teams. How bad would that to be to miss the playoffs because of a 33-yard extra point? It will make things interesting for those teams up there, I would say.”

So Bryant has a decisive advantage kicking his longer extra points in the Georgia Dome, right?

“Yeah, I would say so,” Bryant said. “ Obviously, we don't have to deal with Mother Nature, but we still have to make the kick. And the team that we're playing at that moment, they still have to make that kick, too. That element is there. You have to make the kick, regardless.”

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