Georgia's Leonard Floyd views himself as DeMarcus Ware

Draft prospect Leonard Floyd from Georgia, a projected first-round pick, wants to model his game after one NFL player in particular.

``I want to be the spitting image of DeMarcus Ware,'' Floyd said of the Broncos' veteran, who has 134.5 career sacks. ``He's dominant. He makes tackles look weak and scared. I just want to be able to dominate the game like he has -- for years, too.''

Floyd, a defensive end/linebacker, could be someone the Falcons seriously consider with the 17th overall pick. They sent 16 staff members out to Georgia's pro day on Wednesday, where Floyd was the main attraction despite not completing the workout due to a stomach ailment.

But the Falcons are well aware of Floyd's star potential based on his film. Floyd had an extensive conversation with head coach Dan Quinn on Wednesday.

``I got a great vibe from him,'' Floyd said. ``I can tell he's a great person. But I'm getting good vibes from everyone. But, yes, I good a good vibe from him.''

The Falcons view Floyd as potentially an inside linebacker with the ability to thrive as a blitzer, and he's a guy who has the length and range to cover tight ends, such as Carolina's Greg Olsen, from sideline to sideline. Teams around the league seem to be split on what position best suits Floyd, but he views himself as a pass-rusher first.

``I see myself with that speed off the edge, or either playing some inside [linebacker] and on third down, going to the edge,'' Floyd said.

As a coach noted Wednesday, there was one game film during which Floyd lined up at inside linebacker, outside linebacker and defensive end all in one half.

The biggest obstacle for Floyd, however, will be overcoming concerns about his weight. He's slight in build and won't overpower offensive linemen. Floyd stands 6-6 and currently weighs 248 pounds.

``I want to be at least 255; that's my goal,'' Floyd said. ``I just have to keep eating. Three times a day, just making sure I get it in.''

So is it first round or bust for Floyd?

``Just first round,'' he said. ``Don't put no bust behind it.''