Browns' Terrelle Pryor credits Falcons' Julio Jones in transition to receiver

Quarterback-turned-receiver Terrelle Pryor of the Cleveland Browns looked rather smooth catching a 50-yard touchdown against Desmond Trufant and the Atlanta Falcons Thursday night.

After the preseason game, Pryor spent a moment with Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. It's obvious Pryor has a tremendous respect for Jones based off his tweet capturing the moment:

Jones, arguably the league's most dangerous threat, continues to be an influence on young receivers. Even prior to this year's draft, several players talked about wanting to be like Jones.

Houston Texans rookie Braxton Miller, a former Ohio State quarterback like Pryor, said he studied film of Jones as well.

"Speed, size, and the way he runs his routes is off the charts," Miller said of Jones. "So, I want to be like that. ... The way he runs his routes is crazy. I love it. I'm going to have to hit him up, man, and talk to him about that."