Falcons' Ricardo Allen: No players-only meeting needed to end skid

Stephen A.: Falcons 'are imploding' (1:55)

Stephen A. Smith explains that Atlanta looks completely out of sorts after the defending NFC champs were embarrassed by New England on Sunday night. (1:55)

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen, one of the designated "chiefs" of the team, said there's no need for a players-only meeting in the midst of a three-game losing streak.

The 3-3 Falcons took such a measure two seasons ago following a four-game losing streak. They proceeded to lose the next two after the meeting and finish 8-8 without making the playoffs.

"No, we don't need one because we're grown men and we know what we've got to do," Allen told ESPN. "We understand: We're not winning games. We understand we've got to tighten up. That's point-blank, period. It's not like a surprise. We understand what we're messing up.

"It's not like we're just going out there and all s--- is just going bad. It's small things, and those small things come back to haunt you. We've been here before. We've lost games before because of doing that s---. But we also have gotten it right before and started winning. That's all we have to do."

The Falcons started 3-0 but then dropped three straight to AFC East opponents: Buffalo and Miami at home, then New England on the road. They play their fourth consecutive game against the AFC East on Sunday at the New York Jets (3-4).

Defensively, the Falcons have been like a sieve against the run, getting gashed up the middle while allowing the Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots to run for 117, 138, and 162 yards, respectively. The Falcons also wiped away two interceptions with roughing the passer penalties and lead the NFC which three such fouls.

Offensively, the Falcons converted just 38 percent on third down against the Bills and only 22 percent against the Patriots. They are 4-of-9 in the red zone during the losing streak.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn said the "bear is not loose" regarding matters spinning out of control. During "Tell the Truth Monday" the team aired out all issues, as is the case following games.

"We always tell the truth," Allen said. "We didn't get in there and it was a brouhaha. It was another meeting that said, 'Get you s--- right, and you know what we have to do.'"

Allen is confident this team won't allow the current issues to mount into something like the six-game losing streak that occurred in the first year under Quinn.

"And then things went up last year," Allen explained. "If you're going to look back two years, you can also look back one year. If you look at history, we made it to the Super Bowl after a 4-3 start. I'm going to take the positive. I'm going to go off that."

The Falcons believe they have leadership in players such as Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Allen, and now veteran linebacker Sean Weatherspoon who just re-signed this week. Allen said he doesn't need to pull anyone aside for a pep talk.

"They know," Allen said. "You can look at their faces, and you can tell they know. Just body language, just the sense of urgency around here. You don't see nobody pointing fingers. Everyone knows they have to do it themselves because I'm not perfect. I've got to play better, too.

"If I go around him pointing fingers and telling everybody I'm perfect and I'm a god, things are going to start going wrong on me, too. People understand what to do. You're in the league for a reason."