Falcons' Peter Konz motivated to improve

If Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Peter Konz experiences a dramatic turnaround this coming season, retired ex-teammate Tony Gonzalez might have to be credited with an assist.

After Konz suffered through a miserable 2013 campaign, he took to heart the words Gonzalez delivered in an inspiring season-ending talk to the team.

``Hearing his speech at the end of the season, it really impacted me,'' Konz said. ``He said, `Being a professional doesn't just mean doing the things you've always done. It means going the extra mile.' And I owe the team that. And that's what I'm doing.''

Konz, listed at 6-foot-5 and 317 pounds, seemed to get pushed around more often than not last season. But based on his appearance during Monday night's screening of the new movie "Draft Day,'' it seems like he's gotten bigger since the last time the Falcons took the field. The former second-round draft pick appears eager to compete to regain the starting center position he lost to Joe Hawley.

``I've been working hard,'' Konz said. ``Scientifically, I've probably put on 5-plus [pounds]. I'm seeing a nutritionist, so I can tell you it's over 5 pounds from what he said. That's what I've been doing to help myself for the season.''

Konz has spent his share of time in the weight room this offseason.

``I've been doing heavy lifting,'' he said. ``I've been doing four days a week. I'll do a Monday, Tuesday. On a Wednesday, I'll do a yoga, I'll do a stretch and just some other little strengthening things, maybe a walk. And I'll do the same thing on Saturday. So I'll do a Thursday, Friday heavy lifting.

``I might be doing more high rep, getting more muscle build. I've been living in the weight room since January.''