Falcons' Mike Tice gets fined, sort of

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons offensive line coach Mike Tice has received multiple fines since joining the team.

The offense? Bragging too much about the Pro Bowl linemen he tutored in the past such as Matt Birk, Todd Steussie, and the late Korey Stringer.

Center Joe Hawley couldn't help but laugh as he snitched on his new coach.

"He actually gets fined every time he name drops one of those guys in the meeting room," Hawley said. "He's always talking about these Hall of Famers and Pro Bowlers. And we're like, 'Come on, man. Stop living in the past.' He stops talking about it now."

Hawley said the fine usually entails simply giving Tice a hard time, but left guard Justin Blalock revealed a little more detail. Blalock and left tackle Sam Baker are in charge of levying such fines.

"He owes us a dinner or two, certainly," Blalock said. "A lot of time between the guys, we'll do push-up bets in lieu of money. But I'm not sure (Tice) can get down and do push-ups anymore."

Obviously Tice has learned his lesson.

"My goodness, he did it a lot during the offseason," Blalock said. "But he's starting to catch on to the games we play in our meeting room."

Tice certainly gets his revenge with his coaching verbal assaults on the field.