ChatWrap: Is Chris Canty's spot safe?

Our weekly Baltimore Ravens chat touched on such subjects as defensive lineman Chris Canty, running back Ray Rice and quarterback Joe Flacco. You can click here for a full transcript. Here are some highlights:

Ryan (Baltimore): What do you think the chances are that guys like Kapron Lewis-Moore, Brandon Williams and Timmy Jernigan show enough this summer to warrant the Ravens cutting Chris Canty?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Good question. There's no guarantee that defensive end Chris Canty makes this team. He was a disappointment last year, and the Ravens can create cap room by cutting him ($2 million this year and $2.6 million in 2015). The Ravens, though, need to make sure someone is ready to step up in his spot. Kapron Lewis-Moore and rookie Brent Urban are the ones who play Canty's position, so they have to convince the Ravens in the preseason that they're ready. I'm not saying Canty will get cut. If the Ravens do, it will be at the final major cutdown.

Mike (Towson): Can we expect to see more out of Pernell McPhee? I was excited after his rookie year (six sacks) but he hasn't seemed to be able to build on that, is it because of his position change last year? Thanks!

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I was just talking to someone at practice yesterday that I thought McPhee looked more comfortable as linebacker this year. There was some transition for him. Where the Ravens need him to get back on track is rushing the quarterback.

Rants N Ravens (Trinity, Fla.): Hearing undrafted rookie OT James Hurst was running with the starters in OTA when Eugene Monroe skipped the final session. Have the Ravens found their backup LT?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I wouldn't go that far. The Ravens were just giving him a look at that spot. They don't want to shift someone like Rick Wagner or Kelechi Osemele over there because they want those guys to focus on their current spots right now. Hurst has a shot at making the team. But, if Eugene Monroe got hurt, I expect the Ravens to move Osemele over to left tackle.

Stephen (North Carolina): Do you think we lock up Torrey Smith to a long term contract before training camp?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): There's always a chance. Smith is repped by Drew Rosenhaus. One of his clients, Antonio Brown, got a deal done with the Steelers at the start of training camp. Based on how Torrey Smith has been improving every year, it would be in his best situation to see his market value, unless the Ravens give him a great offer.

Scott (Westminster, Colo.): Can you envision a scenario where Bernard Pierce takes the opportunity to be the starter for two, three, four games and runs away with the job, or will it be Ray Rice's when he comes back in all likelihood?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Rice will get a chance to take back the starting job when he gets back. Harbaugh likes sticking with the hot hand, but Rice has earned the right to get first crack at the No. 1 job because of his track record.

Jared (Texas): This morning on the Herd, they were comparing Joe Flacco to Andy Dalton. I don't think they're close honestly but why is it do you think that Flacco is still being compared to the likes of Dalton rather than Big Ben, Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Dalton is the anti-Flacco. He puts up good numbers in the regular season but chokes in the playoffs.

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