Torrey Smith becoming an interception magnet

In a span of a year, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith went from quarterback Joe Flacco's top target to an interception magnet.

Five of Flacco's seven interceptions this season have come when throwing the ball to Smith, including both interceptions Sunday in Cincinnati. Those five interceptions are tied with Dallas' Dez Bryant for most interceptions when targeting a receiver.

To put it in perspective, Flacco has thrown five interceptions on 42 passes to Smith (11.9 percent). He has been picked off twice on his 237 passes to everyone else (less than 1 percent).

There has been a disconnect with Flacco and Smith a year after Smith led the Ravens with 65 receptions. Halfway through this season, Smith is on pace for 36 catches.

Flacco has only completed 46.2 percent of the passes thrown to Smith this season. Only two receivers with double-digit receptions have a worse completion rate (Tennessee's Justin Hunter and Tampa Bay's Vincent Jackson).

On Sunday, Smith didn't make a catch on two targeted passes. He had made a catch in 58 of his previous 61 games (including the playoffs) before getting shut out against the Bengals, who played physical coverage at the line.

Flacco's first interception Sunday was the result of him trying to force a pass to Smith. "I thought I had a hole, but it probably wasn’t as much as I thought," Flacco said.

On the second one, Smith stopped running his slant route after getting hit in the head. "I saw it open up for the slant and I threw it in there," Flacco said. "And the next thing you know, Pacman (Adam Jones) was standing there with the ball right there in his chest."