John Harbaugh doesn't question NFL's discipline of Chase Coffman

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn't criticize the NFL's discipline of Chase Coffman after the Tennessee Titans' tight end was fined $30,000 for leveling a Ravens assistant coach.

"It's really difficult to have a response to the level of punishment," Harbaugh said Monday. "I know the league, they have protocols and they have standards and histories and things like that they look really hard at. We don't really ever question that part of it. That's in their purview."

This doesn't come as a surprise. It does Harbaugh no good to take a shot at the NFL at this point. The league isn't going to change its punishment based on Harbaugh creating headlines. In fact, he could be subject to a fine from the NFL if he criticized the league. So, it was probably a smart financial move for Harbaugh to take the same "let's move forward" stance from last year, when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin interfered with Jacoby Jones on a kickoff return.

But Harbaugh has to be seething about what transpired. One of his assistants was blindsided by a 6-foot-6, 250-pound player. Remember it was four years ago when Harbaugh was fined $15,000 for making contact with a line judge in the chest while demonstrating a hit on a quarterback. And Coffman received just $15,000 more for knocking a defenseless coach to the ground. There's just not a level playing field in the league's fines system.

"I was told that it wasn't intentional, so I'll take them at their word on that and we'll move forward," Harbaugh said.

Based on the video, it would be hard for the Ravens to truly believe it was an accident.