Revisiting my 2014 season predictions

As I always say, I make predictions and not guarantees. Keep that in mind as we look back at my predictions for the 2014 season.

Here's the good: I correctly predicted all six of the playoff teams in the AFC, including each division winner. My preseason selection of the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the AFC North caused the expected negative feedback on the Baltimore Ravens blog. But it ended up being the right choice. In the NFC, I picked three of the six playoff teams but only one division winner (the Green Bay Packers saved me from getting shut out).

Here's the bad: My Super Bowl prediction was the Philadelphia Eagles over the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, the same Eagles who didn't even make the playoffs. I'm blaming quarterback Mark Sanchez, who lost three of his final four starts. But Nick Foles didn't exactly look like a Pro Bowl quarterback, either. The Colts, at least, made it to the AFC Championship Game before losing by 38 points. I'm blaming deflated balls (I'm joking).

Here's the ugly: I whiffed on all four of my preseason awards picks. It did sound good at the time to take Chip Kelly as Coach of the Year, Peyton Manning as the Most Valuable Player, Sammy Watkins as Offensive Rookie of the Year and C.J. Mosley as Defensive Rookie of the Year. Let's just say I was a little off. Kelly and Manning and Watkins didn't receive one vote for those awards. Mosley finished second.

In an effort to make myself feel better about these disappointing selections, I want to point out that only one of the 32 ESPN.com NFL Nation reporters -- Coley Harvey, who covers the Cincinnati Bengals -- successfully predicted the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks in our preseason predictions. I promise to do better in 2015, which means I will copy and paste Coley's predictions.