Ravens' snap-count analysis: Linebackers

The Baltimore Ravens blog is reviewing the breakdown of snaps at each position for the 2014 season:

LINEBACKERS (1,034 total snaps)

C.J. Mosley 1,019 snaps (98.5 percent)

Daryl Smith 997 snaps (96.4 percent)

Terrell Suggs 820 snaps (79.3 percent)

Elvis Dumervil 580 snaps (56 percent)

Courtney Upshaw 497 snaps (48 percent)

Pernell McPhee 489 snaps (47.2 percent)

Albert McClellan 39 snaps (3.7 percent)

Zachary Orr 4 snaps (1 percent)

In his first NFL season, Mosley played the second-most snaps of any NFL linebacker. Only Atlanta's Paul Worrilow was on the field more. Mosley also participated in 52 more snaps than any other defensive rookie in the league.

Smith has been an iron man in his own right. He led the Ravens in defensive snaps in 2013 and ranked second in 2014. Over the last two seasons, there's only one linebacker (D'Qwell Jackson) who has played more snaps than Smith.

The Ravens have been trying to keep Suggs fresher in games and later in the season by pacing him. Suggs has played less than 870 snaps in each of the past two seasons. In comparison, he played 993 snaps in 2010 and 950 snaps in 2011, when he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Dumervil has essentially become a pass-rush specialist for the Ravens. He has played less than 60 percent of the Ravens' defensive snaps in his two seasons with the team. In his final two seasons with the Broncos, Dumervil participated in 81 percent of the defensive snaps. Upshaw, who generally fills in for Dumervil on running downs, watched his snaps decrease by 116 from 2013.

McPhee was one of the Ravens' most improved players and he was rewarded for it. He went from playing 28 percent of the time to nearly half of the defensive snaps. McClellan and Orr played very limited roles, but it was more than Arthur Brown. A second-round pick in 2013, Brown didn't get on the field for one play on defense in 2014 after 197 snaps as a rookie.

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