Could cornerback Marcus Peters fall to Ravens?

The last time the Baltimore Ravens had the No. 26 overall pick, Jimmy Smith slid to them because of character concerns.

Four years later, could another skillful but red-flagged cornerback fall to the Ravens at that spot? And, if so, will the Ravens take that risk again?

Washington's Marcus Peters is considered the best cornerback in this draft based on talent and game film. He likely won't be the first cornerback selected because of issues that paint him as a malcontent.

Peters threw a tantrum on the sideline after head-butting an opponent, missed team meetings and got booted from the Washington football program. Teams have to weigh his numerous outbursts against the fact that there are so few quality cornerbacks in this year's draft.

"[NFL teams] want to know the character," Peters said at the NFL combine. "Am I a hothead? Which is false. I made some immature decisions and I live from them and I learn from them and I grow as a man."

The perception that he's hotheaded comes from reports that claim Peters choked an assistant coach during practice last year -- an accusation that he flatly called "false" at the combine -- and other reports that he got into arguments with a coach days before he was kicked off the team.

Peters believes his conduct stems from a number of reasons, including the pressures of becoming a father, the hype surrounding his NFL future and the transition to a new head coach. It certainly helps his image that head coach Chris Peterson is allowing Peters to participate in Washington's pro day on April 2.

"I recently went up there a couple of weeks ago and had a real good conversation with Coach Peterson," Peters said. "We sat down and we talked about everything that happened. I sincerely apologized to him again for what I put him and the team through throughout this year."

Despite all of these troubles, the chances of Peters lasting to the Ravens' No. 26 pick aren't great. In their second mock drafts, Mel Kiper Jr. has Peters going to the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 20 and Todd McShay has Peters being taken at No. 22 by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If Peters is available when the Ravens are on the clock, he would certainly fill a need. Peters would immediately become the Ravens' nickelback and could be groomed to become a starter in 2016, when Jimmy Smith is an unrestricted free agent and Lardarius Webb is a potential salary-cap casualty (Ravens could save $6 million by cutting him next offseason).

Still, how can Peters guarantee the Ravens or any other NFL team that there won't be a blowup like the ones he had at Washington?

“I don't guarantee anything," Peters said. “Everyone makes mistakes. All I can tell them is that I’ve matured from the decisions that I’ve made in the past and I’m moving forward."