Where Matt Schaub's contract ranks among backup quarterbacks

The Baltimore Ravens signed quarterback Matt Schaub for one year, $2 million ($1 million base salary and $1 million signing bonus), according to ESPN Stats & Info. The breakdown is $2 million guaranteed and an additional $1 million that can be earned through playing time incentives.

By my calculations, Schaub is 11th among most expensive backup quarterbacks based on 2015 payouts. He is the highest-priced backup for the Ravens since Marc Bulger made $3.8 million in 2010. The Ravens are paying Schaub more than three times what they gave last season's backup Tyrod Taylor, who earned $645,000.

Schaub's $2 million cap charge is 14th on the Ravens in 2015. It ranks one spot behind kicker Justin Tucker ($2.356) and one place ahead of linebacker C.J. Mosley ($1.997 million).

Here is what the top 11 backup quarterbacks are making in 2015:

Mark Sanchez, Eagles: $4.5 million ($2.5 million base and $2 million signing bonus)

Chase Daniel, Chiefs: $3.75 million

Chad Henne, Jaguars $3.5 million

Shaun Hill, Vikings: $3.2 million

Matt Hasselbeck, Colts: $3 million

Matt Moore, Dolphins: $2.65 million

Ryan Mallett, Texans: $2.5 million

Drew Stanton, Cardinals: $2.45 million

Charlie Whitehurst, Titans: $2.25 million

Christian Ponder, Raiders: $2.25 million

Matt Schaub, Ravens: $2 million