Ravens mailbag: What happens if Dennis Pitta returns this season?

It's time to click open our weekend Baltimore Ravens mailbag ...

@jamisonhensley: The return of Dennis Pitta would obviously be a tremendous boost for the Ravens, but I don't see that changing anything with the tight end group. The reason I say this is the uncertainty surrounding Pitta. Even if he returns, there are no guarantees on how long he'll last. Pitta has only played seven games the past two seasons. If Pitta can play a full season, Maxx Williams can serve as an understudy like Todd Heap did in 2001 with Shannon Sharpe. But Crockett Gillmore and Nick Boyle will remain because they provide depth at tight end and on special teams. The Ravens are going to keep Williams, Gillmore and Boyle regardless of what happens with Pitta. His return could have more of an effect on other positions. If the Ravens carry a fourth tight end, that means one less spot for an extra offensive lineman or defensive back.

@jamisonhensley: Coaches and team officials like to say that this is "the Ravens' offense." Let's be honest, this is Marc Trestman's offense. He talked about using the same zone blocking scheme (which is smart because it was so successful last season) and similar terminology to make it less of a transition for Joe Flacco and his teammates. But Trestman is the one in control and the one calling the plays. One noticeable change will be more screen passes. I'm sure he's going to tailor the offense to the strengths of the players and to the comfort level of Flacco. Still, you saw that it was Gary Kubiak's offense last year and it will be Trestman's this season.

@jamisonhensley: Even though the Ravens improved their secondary, teams are going to test the Ravens' pass defense until Baltimore proves that it can slow down quarterbacks. Last season, teams threw 595 passes against the Ravens. Only three defenses saw more throws (Denver, Houston and Cincinnati).  That could change this year because teams might want to see where the Ravens' run defense stands without defensive tackle Haloti Ngata on the line of scrimmage. But the general thinking has to be teams are going to attack Baltimore's secondary, which added safety Kendrick Lewis and nickelback Kyle Arrington in the offseason.