Police poke fun at suspect's resemblance to Joe Flacco

Officers in Maryland are looking for a not-so-elite criminal.

Anne Arundel County Police poked fun at a suspect's resemblance to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on its Facebook account Thursday. The police posted surveillance photos of a bearded man who used a stolen credit card at a local convenience store and noted a similarity to the 2012 Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

"We know how you all are, before you start, it isn't Joe Flacco. But who is it? Help us ID," the police posted on Facebook.

In looking at the three pictures posted, there's only one -- a profile shot -- where the suspect looks anything like Flacco. There's not much resemblance in the other two photos.

Flacco doesn't have much reason to resort to a life of crime. He signed a six-year, $120.6 million contract in March 2013, an NFL record contract at the time. Flacco is scheduled to make $4 million this season.

The post on the police's Facebook account has been shared over 500 times. There has been no announcement of an arrest.

Perhaps, the police are searching for James Flacco.