Ravens' Steve Smith takes shot at Chip Kelly's practices

PHILADELPHIA -- After Wednesday's joint workout with the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. doesn't understand all the hype about the practices of Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

"There's no chatter about how his practices are," Smith said. "Have you heard about our practices? Exactly. We're three hours. This 2:15 man, this is like apple juice. It's great."

During the Ravens' three weeks of training camp, none of their practices were shorter than 2 hours, 45 minutes. Baltimore practiced three hours on Monday when the heat index reached 111 degrees.

On Tuesday, the Ravens and Eagles were on the field together for two hours. The Ravens started doing individual drills at 11:30 a.m., and the Eagles didn't step onto the field until noon.

Because the practice was short for the Ravens, Harbaugh was asked if that was the reason why his players were on the field earlier than the Eagles.

"That's what time I was told practice started," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh said it looked like two evenly matched football teams practicing Tuesday, the first of three joint practices.

There were only a few minor skirmishes, but no fights broke out. Harbaugh and Kelly previously agreed on no cut blocking, finishing blocks or taking ball carriers to the ground.

"These two teams were professional," Harbaugh said. "These two teams went at it. It was a hard, tough, physical practice. It was a very demanding practice. That speaks to the players and it speaks to the coaches."

Smith, however, made it clear he is not a fan of joint practices.

"I'd rather be at home," Smith said. "Today's my wife's birthday, so I'm not at home, I'm over here doing this [expletive] and missing my wife's birthday. That's my honest opinion. I'd rather be at home singing happy birthday to my wife."