Joe Flacco shows funny side in party fail commercial

Joe Flacco might not be an elite party thrower, but the Baltimore Ravens quarterback proved he can definitely hold his own as a comedic straight man.

In a three-minute commercial, Flacco lets everyone know he's more than the "boring" Super Bowl Most Valuable Player by hilariously failing to put together a party. He's the latest quarterback to show off his acting chops, joining the likes of Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.

The well-done mockumentary begins with dramatic, 30-for-30 style music and a bellowing voice over. "It's not something I like to take about," Flacco said. "It was pretty humiliating."

The commercial features scenes of Flacco messing up at the party and getting guidance from snack and beverage specialists.

When guests go for a drink out of the beverage tub, Flacco steps in front and puts his right arm in the ice. "I'd be lying if I said that was the first time I had done that," he deadpanned.

A man drops salsa on his shirt and asks for a napkin. Then, Flacco's midsection appears with a towel tucked in front of his shorts. "You can use my towel," Flacco said.

The funniest moment came at the end when Flacco sat down with the snack and beverage specialists.

"How do I win this party?" Flacco asked. "Should I keep second-, third-string guests in the garage or somewhere else in the house?"

The Ravens have been upping their commercial game this year. Flacco's ad follows kicker Justin Tucker parodying Matthew McConaughey's car commercial.

Flacco has long been labeled boring, and it didn't help that his own father described him as "dull" at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. But this commercial will show what many teammates have said for years -- that Flacco has a funny side.