Steve Smith says he should've caught the winning touchdown

DENVER -- This wasn't how Steve Smith had envisioned his final NFL season to begin.

With 36 seconds remaining, Smith leapt in the air only to see the potential game-winning touchdown go through his hands and off his facemask. He was extremely hard on himself following Sunday's 19-13 loss to the Denver Broncos.

"I just have to make that play and that really falls on me," Smith said.

On the play, it looked like Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby got a finger tip on Joe Flacco's pass to change the direction just enough to cause Smith to drop it. Smith disagreed.

"It didn’t get tipped," Smith said. "I just didn’t catch it."

Smith finished with two catches for 13 yards, his second-fewest yards since 2012. He caught both passes on the opening drive, and he wasn't targeted again the rest of the first half.

Still, all of those struggles would've been forgotten if he made the game-changing play. Smith didn't want to hear that it was a difficult catch to make.

"I’m a No. 1 receiver and that’s a No.1 play," Smith said. "I got to make that. That falls on my hands. I have to be better."