Ravens' John Harbaugh gave interesting response to Rams' 'dirty hits' question

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn't attack the St. Louis Rams' reputation like Mike Zimmer or Rodney Harrison, but he didn't defend them either.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams came under criticism this month after Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was knocked unconscious from a blow to the head. The Ravens apparently will keep their heads on a swivel when they play host to the Rams on Sunday.

Asked if he plans to discuss with his players the Rams' reputation for "dirty hits," Harbaugh said Wednesday, "We address everything. We address everything we can think of to address. We'll just leave it at that."

Under Harbaugh, the Ravens have faced Fisher only twice, losing to the Titans in the regular season in 2008 before upsetting them in the playoffs that season. Baltimore hasn't played a Williams-coached defense since 2010, when he was with the Saints.

Zimmer called out Williams after that hit on Bridgewater on Nov. 8. "I agree that it was a cheap shot," Zimmer said, adding, "[Gregg Williams'] defenses are all like that." NBC analyst Rodney Harrison said he wasn't surprised by the hit, saying, "this is typical of Jeff Fisher type teams."