Power Rankings: No. 14 Baltimore Ravens

A weekly examination of the Ravens' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The Baltimore Ravens fell two spots to No. 14, matching their worst showing on the Power Rankings this year. Last year, in their championship season, the Ravens never ranked lower than No. 11. In fact, before this season, the last time the Ravens were ranked lower than No. 11 was Week 14 of 2009.

No one can argue with the Ravens' current ranking. Actually, the voters are showing Baltimore a measure of respect. The Ravens (3-4) are the highest-ranked team with a losing record. Baltimore is even one spot ahead of the New York Jets, who are 4-3 this season. As one of six voters on the Power Rankings, I had the Ravens at No. 13.

As far as the rest of AFC North goes, the Cincinnati Bengals moved up one spot to No. 7, the Cleveland Browns dropped four spots to No. 22 and the Pittsburgh Steelers inched up another two spots to No. 25 after beating the Ravens.