Ravens' gold pants surprisingly place high on uniform rankings

AP Photo/Gail Burton

The gold pants worn by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday were widely criticized by their fan base. The mustard-colored wardrobe was so poorly received that coach John Harbaugh encouraged the team to hold a fan contest to select a new color for pants.

But the gold pants weren't universally bashed everywhere. In fact, one uniform expert surprisingly liked them.

"It's not a terrible look, or at least no more terrible than what they already had," ESPN uniform columnist Paul Lukas said. "Obviously, I can't stand purple. But I can appreciate on an intellectual level, if not an emotional one, that the new pants makes a pretty natural color pairing with the jersey."

As Lukas noted, he's never been a fan of the Ravens' uniforms. He ranked them 23rd out of 32 teams this year.

In ranking the Ravens' seven uniforms, Lukas put the purple jersey-gold pants combination as Baltimore's second-best.

"Yeah, it's a bit Washington Huskies, but whatever," Lukas said. "I'm not usually a fan of 'switching things up' just for the sake of doing so, but in this case I think it's a plus. Good for them."

Here are how Lukas ranks the Ravens' uniforms:

  1. Purple jersey and white pants

  2. Purple jersey and gold pants

  3. White jersey and white pants

  4. Black jersey and white pants

  5. White jersey and black pants

  6. Black jersey and black pants

  7. Purple jersey and black pants

The Ravens will wear the more popular black jerseys Sunday, when they play the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's been a typically lucky look for Baltimore, which is 13-6 (.684) all-time in their black jerseys, including 10-3 (.769) under Harbaugh.