Fore for No. 5: Joe Flacco buys golf course in New Jersey

When Joe Flacco would play golf with Ron Jaworski, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback often asked Jaworski about how he got into the golf business. Then, an opportunity came up for Jaworski to purchase Ramblewood Country Club in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, which is a seven-minute drive from Flacco's home.

"I reached out to Joe and said, 'You've always spoken about preparing for life after football and do you have any interest in partnering,'" said Jaworski, who now owns seven golf courses. "It'll be a good relationship. We'll have a little sports pub and we'll have a number of Flacco [No. 5] jerseys."

This is quite the acquisition for Flacco, whose first big purchase after signing his rookie deal was a lawnmower for his mother.

Jaworski, who is an NFL analyst for ESPN, said improvements are currently being done to the country club and course, and it should re-open in about 90 days. The course is being upgraded, from work on the bunkers to the irrigation system. The clubhouse is being completely renovated and an outdoor tented area with grills and TVs is being added.

"The goal of the clubhouse and wedding ceremony site renovations is to elevate Ramblewood as the most spectacular golf club and wedding facility in the area," Jaworski said.

Flacco and Jaworski have been friends since Flacco played at Delaware and generally play golf together twice a summer. So, who's the better golfer?

"If he would play more golf, he would be really good," Jaworski said. "I'm about 275(-yard) guy and he's about 325 guy. Can you imagine Joe swinging a golf club with that big ol' arc? He kills the ball. But I putt better."