John Harbaugh, Tom Brady put aside rule book and team up for Michigan

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Ravens coach John Harbaugh greet each other before a 2010 game. Brady and Harbaugh were a part of a national signing day celebration at Michigan. Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have squared off in some memorable playoff games and have clashed over their interpretation over NFL rules.

But brotherly and collegial love have them working on the same team.

Harbaugh and Brady are among the high-profile sports figures who will be part of Michigan’s “Signing of the Stars” party on Wednesday. John Harbaugh is supporting his brother Jim, who is in his second season at Michigan, and Brady is backing a program that he played for from 1995 to 1999.

“We have an All-Star crew,” Harbaugh told ESPN while attending the Michigan-Indiana men's basketball game. “Matter of fact, I’ve been told that I have a plane flight back home with Tom Brady. I’m really excited about that."

It was two years ago when Harbaugh and Brady didn't see eye to eye after the Ravens' 35-31 divisional playoff loss at New England. Harbaugh called out the Patriots for using "deceptive" substitutions, and Brady responded by instructing the Ravens to "study the rule book."

The NFL has since changed the rule, which now makes it illegal for an offensive player wearing an eligible number -- between 1 and 49, or 80 to 89 -- to report as ineligible and line up outside the tackle box.