Ravens' Eugene Monroe donates $10,000 to marijuana research

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe urged NFL players to donate to marijuana research on Tuesday morning, a day after an NFL official acknowledged a link between football-related head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Monroe tackled the issue on Twitter:

Realm of Caring Foundation is an organization committed to researching the health benefits of marijuana and educating the public about this form of therapy. Monroe told CNN last week that the NFL needs to change its stance on marijuana and take a look at the drug's possible benefits as it relates to pain relief and possibly concussions.

Monroe tweeted that he has donated $10,000 to marijuana research and will give more if "nobody steps up."

Monroe sent out 37 tweets over a two-hour period Tuesday morning on topics ranging from marijuana research to the NFL official acknowledging a connection between head trauma and brain disorders. For years, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other league representatives have avoided taking a position, repeating that the league would let the medical community decide.