Ravens' Steve Smith Sr. calls out Greg Hardy on domestic violence claim

Stephen A. applauds Steve Smith for speaking out (1:41)

Stephen A. Smith lauds Ravens WR Steve Smith for his tweet in response to Greg Hardy denying hitting ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder, saying he "speaks for a whole lot of NFL players out there who have never" thought about "putting their hands on a woman." (1:41)

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. isn't buying Greg Hardy's claim that he has never hit a woman.

Soon after Hardy's comments aired on ESPN, Smith posted an excerpt of the interview along with this on social media: "So I guess she tripped on the carpet or something."

It was last November when photos surfaced showing Hardy's then-girlfriend Nicole Holder with multiple bruises all over her body. Hardy was convicted on domestic violence charges in a bench trial by judge. However, he sought a jury trial, but the case was dropped after Holder didn't make herself available to help with it, according to prosecutors.

It's rare to see a player rip into another player on such a sensitive topic. It's even more unusual to see this from former teammates. Smith played with Hardy for four seasons (2010 to 2013) in Carolina.

But this issue is an extremely personal one for Smith. In February 2014, he opened up about growing up with domestic violence. Then, after four players were involved in domestic violence situations, including Ray Rice, Smith spoke out on Twitter in September 2014: "You know its not that hard get!!!! Keep your damn hands off women!!!! God made women for you to Lean on them Not beat on them #RealTalk"

On Monday, Smith continued his strong stance on the issue after Hardy's comments by posting: "my mom is a Survivor #DV and I am advocate against #DV."