Donald Trump booed at Maryland rally after bringing up love for Tom Brady

Donald Trump learned quickly that it's not in his best interest to profess his love for Tom Brady, especially when he's in Baltimore Ravens country.

Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, heard cheers quickly turn into boos near the end of his rally on Maryland's Eastern Shore after he name-dropped the Patriots quarterback in recounting previous wins in primaries.

"I won big [and] then I won the entire South. And we're going to win a lot," Trump told thousands of his supporters. "Massachusetts, home of Tom Brady. Do we love Tom Brady? Right, right?"

Not exactly. Many of the thousands who attended the rally in Berlin, Maryland, which is about 2½ hours from M&T Bank Stadium, were heard voicing their displeasure.

"I know, I know," Trump said during the boos. "We love Tom Brady. He's great. He’s great. He’s great. How can you not?”

Trump has frequently mentioned his friendship with Brady during the campaign and even suggested Brady's support was "enormous help" in him winning the Massachusetts primary in early March.

The Maryland primary is scheduled for April 26, so he could find out soon whether his connection with Brady helps or hurts him this time.