Beware, future draft classes -- Ozzie Newsome is watching your social media

The Baltimore Ravens take everything into account when stacking their draft board.

The Ravens look at game film. They interview prospects. They check medial reports. And they also monitor social media.

While the Laremy Tunsil gas mask video should serve as a lesson, college players should've been wary about their social media accounts long before last Thursday night.

Ravens senior vice president of public relations Kevin Byrne recounted the time he stopped by general manager Ozzie Newsome's office Wednesday, a day before the start of the draft.

Byrne noticed a stack of papers in front of Newsome and asked him what he was reading.

“Tweets from the college players," Newsome responded. "Some of these guys aren’t very smart. Part of our research.”

In other words, an out-of-line tweet could count against you as much as a missed tackle when the Ravens put together their draft grades.