Ravens' Carl Davis brings mother to tears by buying her a BMW

Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Carl Davis showed his appreciation to his mother in the form of one big surprise.

On Sunday, Davis bought his mom a BMW and drove it up to her church unannounced. He didn't even tell her that he was in town and waited for her to come out to the parking lot.

The reaction from his mother -- which included a lot of screams as well as tears -- was priceless. Thankfully, he shared it all on Instagram.

Thank God for putting me in this position to surprise my mom with a new car today.

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Davis, a third-round pick from a year ago, started three games as a rookie and finished with 11 tackles and two batted passes. He is popularly known for getting stuck with a $11,561.52 dinner bill by his teammates last December. This time, however, Davis got to spend his money on something more personal.

Giving back to mothers is becoming a tradition with the Ravens. Last year, offensive linemen Kelechi Osemele and John Urschel each purchased houses for their moms.