Ravens' success could determine fate of Eric Weddle's beard

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- There's a chance that Eric Weddle's signature beard might not last the season.

Weddle shaved for the first time in three years after last season to signify a fresh start -- and clean break -- from the San Diego Chargers. But he quickly regretted the decision and has started growing back the beard.

Now, the fate of Weddle's facial hair could be left up to the Baltimore Ravens' success.

"I might be sporadic and just cut it or I might let it grow," Weddle said Thursday. "If we're winning, it's going to be there and be full."

Weddle began growing out the beard at the start of the 2013 season in honor of his father, Steven Weddle, who had a similar beard in his younger years. He had pledged to keep it until the Chargers reached the Super Bowl. That all changed after his acrimonious split with the team.

In growing back the beard, Weddle has noticed a difference with his gnarly whiskers.

"It's a lot more full this time around, which is nice," Weddle said. "It's coming in even. We'll see where it goes."