Ravens' Justin Forsett will volunteer, donate to flood relief in Baton Rouge

Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett is stepping up once again to help an area in need.

Forsett will contribute $7,500 to aid in flood relief in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and volunteer with the United Way on Thursday before the Ravens play their preseason finale in New Orleans.

He will also donate $2,500 worth of body wipes through his company ShowerPill, along with items from Procter & Gamble and Under Armour.

"I'm reaching out to support this community because I know that this type of disaster could really happen to any of us," Forsett said. "After the storm hit, I saw very little coverage in the media. But the little I did see I was very inspired by the efforts of the people in the community. I saw the community come together and serve each other in a time of need. I hope I'm able to help bring more awareness, because they still need support."

Catastrophic flooding in Baton Rouge last week left 13 dead and 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed. The Red Cross announced that the floods were the nation's worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast four years ago.

This isn't the first time Forsett has been at the forefront of a disaster. In February, he coordinated an effort among about 20 NFL players to donate $100,000 worth of body wipes and water to Flint, Michigan, where a state of emergency has been declared because of toxic lead contamination in the city's drinking water.

“Justin’s generosity extends far from his team’s home base of Baltimore, and we are grateful to him for helping our community during this difficult time," said George Bell, president and CEO of Capital Area United Way.