Steve Smith received Ray Lewis' blessing before imitating famous pregame dance

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. paid homage to Ray Lewis by performing the former middle linebacker's famous pre-game dance before Thursday's 28-7 victory against Cleveland.

Just like Lewis, Smith was the last player out of the tunnel. And, just like Lewis, the song "Hot in Herre" by Nelly blasted throughout the stadium.

Smith then started out with the sliding legs and finished with the flailing arms in a well-choreographed tip of the hat to Lewis. He said he received permission from Lewis to break out the signature dance.

"It was pretty cool to do that," Smith said.

Known for being one of the most confident players ever to wear a Ravens uniform, Smith acknowledged that he was nervous to imitate Lewis. He made sure to do extra homework.

"I was YouTubing to make sure I was doing it right," Smith said. "I almost chickened out. I was like, 'No,' then I did it, and it was pretty cool. I was just being a kid."

Smith got caught up in the music and the raucous crowd.

"I felt kind of like a rock star," Smith said.