Ravens got more value out of Timmy Jernigan trade than you might realize

If you believe the Baltimore Ravens didn't get enough in return for trading Timmy Jernigan to the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday, you need to look closely at the numbers to see that the Ravens actually received very good value for him.

The Ravens moved up 25 spots in the third round because they sent Jernigan and their third-round compensatory pick (No. 99) to the Eagles for their third-round pick (No. 74). The hidden value is Baltimore received an additional third-round pick in this exchange.

According to the draft value chart, the difference between the No. 74 pick and the No. 99 one is 116 points, which is the equivalent to the last pick in the third round. In other words, a team would need to trade a late third-round pick if it wanted to make the same such move on draft day.

So, the Ravens essentially received a late third-round pick this year instead of waiting for what could've been a fourth-round compensatory pick for Jernigan in the 2019 draft. What Baltimore lost in this exchange was not having Jernigan for one more season.

But nobody really knows which Jernigan was going to show up in 2017. Was it the interior pass-rusher who had five sacks in his first nine games? Or the one who didn't record a sack in the last seven weeks?

What was known: The Ravens weren't going to be able to re-sign Jernigan after this season. Baltimore made Brandon Williams the highest-paid nose tackle in the NFL this offseason, and the Ravens weren't going to invest another big-money contract on the interior of the defensive line.

This deal was made because the Ravens believe they received good value for Jernigan and they believe in their young defensive linemen who will replace him.