Meet Chad Steele, aka the guy behind Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis at Super Bowl

Chad Steele was walking from radio row at the Super Bowl to the food court at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, and he saw the people trying to slyly look at his pass to figure out his name.

Where do I know you from?

I've seen you somewhere.

Wait, you're the bodyguard!

Not exactly. For 364 days, Steele is the Baltimore Ravens' vice president of public relations. For one day, he's seen by millions all across the world as the guy behind the superstar at the Super Bowl.

Steele has been the postgame media liaison for Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis, which means he becomes the most famous face that few can place. Beyond that, Steele broke the news to Brady that he won last year's Super Bowl and even inspired a hashtag after Manning's final game.

How does someone get such a prime assignment?

"They just look at guys across the league that they've worked with and guys that they can trust to do the right things," Steele said. "I've done it a few times now, so I know the program. I've just been lucky that they've said, 'Hey, we need you to come out and help,' and I've been available. It's an honor to be able to do it."

It was two years ago when actor and comedian Joel McHale noticed Steele was repeatedly behind Manning after the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. McHale tweeted out a picture of Steele with the hashtag #GuyBehindPeyton to his his 3.7 million followers.

There was a reason why it looked like Steele and Manning couldn't be separated. After the game, a media member grabbed Steele's arm and he turned around for 30 seconds. By the time he turned back, there were 30 reporters and cameramen between him and Manning. Steele had to wrestle his way through the crowd to get back to Manning.

"It's not like I'm gunning to get on camera," Steele said. "I've got to stay next to him, otherwise I can't do my job. And then I don't get to come back."

At last year's Super Bowl, Steele ran onto the field to get Brady after James White had scored the winning 2-yard touchdown in overtime.

Brady shouted, "Get off the field! It's not over yet."

Steele pointed out to Brady the falling confetti and the mob of reporters on the field. Then, on his headset, Steele heard the touchdown had been confirmed and the game was over. Brady fell to his knees.

By shadowing one of the Ravens' biggest rivals, Steele has received direct messages from ticked-off fans at home. Steele has made sure to wear purple as well as a lapel pin to show his allegiance.

"It's good to represent the Ravens," Steele said.

If Brady wins again on Sunday, you'll likely see Steele again. He'll be #GuyBehindBrady.