Why Ravens rookie Daylon Mack got pranked over cinnamon rolls

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Rookie defensive tackle Daylon Mack walked up to his truck parked at the Baltimore Ravens facility last week and opened the door, and a flood of packing peanuts came spilling out.

"Man, somebody got me," Mack said.

That "somebody" turned out to be teammate Chris Wormley. The reason? Mack failed to bring Big Texas cinnamon rolls to the defensive line room.

"That’s what happens when you ask multiple times," Wormley said, "and there are some lies involved and more lies involved."

All Ravens defensive linemen receive extra assignments from the veterans. Mack volunteered to get the snacks.

A fifth-round pick by Baltimore this year, Mack brought in gummy worms, chocolate candy and potato chips.

"The one thing I didn’t have was the Big Texas cinnamon rolls," Mack said. "He was not happy about it."

When Wormley first asked Mack about the rolls, Mack said he couldn't find them at the store. So, Wormley sent Mack the link to buy them on Amazon.

Mack promised the rolls would arrive Saturday, but they didn't. Mack informed Wormley that fellow rookie Jaylon Ferguson was going to handle buying them, but that didn't happen either.

"C’mon dude, don’t play me like that," Wormley told Mack.

Wormley thought about how he would prank Mack, making sure no one would get hurt and no property would get damaged. He settled on ordering six 120-gallon bags of packing peanuts.

The front and back seats of the truck got stuffed with that foam packing material. Even the bed was filled with pesky white peanuts.

How did Wormley get into Mack's car? He stole the keys.

"I knew he had to lift after practice," Wormley said. "I went to the locker, took the keys, got some help from one of the trainers and stuffed his car."

Mack noticed that his keys weren't in the same place where he originally left them. Still, he didn't think anything of it until he arrived at his truck.

Of course, Wormley followed him the whole way.

"As soon as he turns the corner to see his car, his mouth just dropped," Wormley said.

It took 90 minutes just to clear out the driver's side, so Mack could drive home. The next day, the Ravens' equipment guys cleared out the rest.

Mack's video of his peanut-filled truck went viral on social media. It has received nearly 7,000 likes on Twitter.

"It was funny," Mack said.

Cinnabon reached out to Mack about possibly helping the first-year player from Texas A&M. There's a chance that the company will be making a special delivery to the Ravens on Wednesday.

If they don't, Wormley has a more expensive payback in mind for Mack.

"All I know is rookie dinner is Week 12 or 13 [of the regular season]," Wormley said. "He’ll get a few checks under his belt. He’ll have to pay the price then. Twenty dollars for some cinnamon rolls now or a nice $1,000 bottle of wine. We’ll see."