How Cutler's contract compares to Flacco

The Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler became the latest NFL quarterback to get a big payday, when he signed a seven-year, $126 million contract (according to the NFL Network). This comes 10 months after the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco signed his six-year, $120.6 deal.

Let's take a look at how Cutler's deal compares to the one signed by Flacco:

Average per year: Cutler will average $18 million per season, which is $2 million per year less than Flacco ($20.1 million). Flacco's APY ranks third among NFL quarterbacks, trailing Aaron Rodgers ($22 million) and Matt Ryan ($20.75 million).

Guaranteed money: Cutler will receive $54 million in guaranteed money, which is $3 million more than Flacco ($51 million). Flacco's guaranteed money is seventh among NFL quarterbacks, ranking behind Ryan ($59 million), Tom Brady ($57 million), Drew Brees ($55 million), Tony Romo ($55 million), Rodgers ($54 million) and Cutler ($54 million).

Money over first three years: Cutler will earn $54 million over his first three seasons, which is $8 million less than what Flacco will make in his first three seasons ($62 million).