Bad timing for Ravens' latest arrest

The arrest of Baltimore Ravens backup wide receiver Deonte Thompson couldn't have come at a worst time for the team. This marks the second time a player from the Ravens' Super Bowl champion team was arrested in seven days.

Thompson was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia on Friday night, according to the Gainesville, Fla., police department. It isn't on the same level as running back Ray Rice's arrest for simple assault. And Thompson, who has 15 catches in two seasons, isn't a big name like Rice.

But Thompson's run-in with the police is another black mark for a Ravens team that had changed its image under coach John Harbaugh. In Harbaugh's first six years with the Ravens, there were four reported arrests (cornerback Derrick Martin, linebacker Tony Fein, linebacker Sergio Kindle and linebacker Rolando McClain), according to the San Diego Tribune-Review's arrest database. Half of those arrests involved players who never played a down for the Ravens (Fein and McClain).

There have been other incidents under Harbaugh that have drawn negative attention like linebacker Terrell Suggs getting accused for domestic violence in 2012 and last season's party bus brawl. Neither resulted in an arrest. This time, the Ravens are on the police blotter. Over the past week, the Ravens are dealing with the embarrassment of having Rice in a TMZ video and Thompson's mug shot on the Gainesville Police Department's Facebook page.

Last year at this time, the Ravens' biggest concern was signing Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Joe Flacco to a long-term deal. Now, it's not about defending the Super Bowl title. It's about defending their image.