Any other cap cuts for Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens made their first two salary-cap cuts this offseason Thursday, when they released fullback Vonta Leach and linebacker Jameel McClain.

Could there be more? I don't believe so, based on the players who would provide the most cap room if cut.

Here are the four players on the Ravens roster who would free up more than $1 million of cap space if released:

G Marshal Yanda ($1.96M in savings): The Ravens already have enough holes on the offensive line, so getting rid of their best blocker is out of the question. Yanda has two years left on his contract. He's more in line for an extension than getting released.

DL Chris Canty ($1.8M): He didn't have the greatest first season with the Ravens. What helps Canty is the Ravens are expected to lose Arthur Jones in free agency. The Ravens don't want to be in a situation where they're looking for two starters on the defensive line.

P Sam Koch ($1.6M): As I wrote Thursday, the Ravens would've considered cutting Koch if the salary cap hadn't increased $6 million more than what was projected earlier this winter. The Ravens, though, now have the luxury to keep the best punter in team history.

CB Jimmy Smith ($1.3M): The Ravens didn't release him when he struggled, so there's no chance of them cutting him after his best NFL season. In fact, the team will likely show its commitment to Smith in a couple of months. The Ravens are expected to pick up Smith's 2015 option before the May 4 deadline.