No change in Ravens' Super Bowl odds

The Baltimore Ravens signed wide receiver Steve Smith and tight end Owen Daniels, along with re-signing offensive tackle Eugene Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta.

The Las Vegas oddsmakers are not impressed. The Ravens' odds to win the Super Bowl stand at 30-to-1Insider, which was their same odds on Feb. 2.

For the most part, there wasn't much movement for any team. The biggest change was the St. Louis Rams falling to 75-to-1 after having 40-to-1 odds two months ago.

There are 11 teams who have better odds than the Ravens: the Seattle Seahawks (4-to-1), Denver Broncos (5-to-1), San Francisco 49ers (6-to-1), New England Patriots (8-to-1), Green Bay Packers (12-to-1), New Orleans Saints (20-to-1), Cincinnati Bengals (20-to-1), Carolina Panthers (25-to-1), Indianapolis Colts (25-to-1), Philadelphia Eagles (25-to-1) and Pittsburgh Steelers (25-to-1).