Time for Ravens to cut ties with McClain

The Baltimore Ravens need an inside linebacker. They don't need a headache.

That's why it's in the Ravens' best interest to release Rolando McClain after his disastrous first on-field workout for the team.

This is what the NFL Network reported: McClain couldn't finish the conditioning test, he couldn't do any drills and he showed up late.

It's clear that McClain isn't committed to the game, even after being away from the game for a year. So, why should the Ravens stay committed to McClain?

Last month at the NFL owners meetings, coach John Harbaugh said McClain's return to the Ravens would depend on his work ethic and maturity. Showing up late and out of shape isn't going to cut it.

The Ravens don't have to make a move with McClain. They could give him more time to train and see if he fares better next month before the offseason practices begin. I just don't understand why the Ravens would do this. If McClain had shown up for a job interview unprepared and not on time, he's not going to get a second shot at that job.

It's sad that a talented players such as McClain hasn't gotten his life on track yet. It's sad that McClain doesn't realize how many others would do anything for the opportunity he received Tuesday.

A blown workout is just another red flag for the No. 8 overall pick of the 2010 draft. McClain has been arrested for firing a gun next to someone's head, writing an expletive on a police citation instead of his real name and inciting a crowd by shouting expletives at police. He was suspended for two games by the Oakland Raiders in 2012 after arguing with head coach Dennis Allen.

The extent of McClain's troubles were revealed in an interview with ESPN The Magazine last year, when he decided to retire because he was worried he would do something he would regret. "I felt like Aaron Hernandez, like I just wanted to kill somebody," McClain said.

Last year, I wrote the Ravens should release McClain after he got arrested 10 days after signing his contract with the team. The Ravens decided to give him more time, and he blew it.

It would be a mistake to give him a third chance. McClain didn't earn it.