Power Rankings: No. 11 Baltimore Ravens

A weekly examination of the Baltimore Ravens' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 8 | Last Week: 11 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

The Baltimore Ravens remain in the No. 11 spot in the rankings for a second straight week. The Ravens (1-1) won their first game of the season, but they were hardly impressive in beating the Cleveland Browns 14-6 on Sunday.

A more convincing win wouldn't have moved up the defending Super Bowl champions. The only team in the top 10 that lost was the San Francisco 49ers, and they were atop the rankings last week.

So, just like last week, the Ravens are the fifth-highest-ranked team in the AFC, behind the Denver Broncos (No. 2), Houston Texans (No. 4), New England Patriots (No. 7) and Bengals (No. 10). As one of six voters, the biggest difference in my Power Rankings was putting the Ravens at No. 9, ahead of the Chicago Bears and Bengals. The Ravens will have a chance to jump back into the top 10 if they beat the Texans on Sunday.

As far as the rest of the AFC North goes, the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to No. 25 and the Cleveland Browns dropped to No. 31.