Poll results: How you graded Ravens' draft

The Baltimore Ravens had a successful draft according to the national media as well as ESPN's blog readers.

In last week's SportsNation poll, 55 percent gave the Ravens' draft a grade of B and 33 percent handed out an A. Only 3 percent gave the Ravens a failing grade.

Here is how the national media graded the Ravens' draft:

CBS Sports: B. As they often do, the Ravens picked up a lot of quality players. I liked the second-round pick of defensive tackle Tim Jernigan and third-round tight end Crockett Gilmore.

Fox Sports: B. I didn't love Baltimore not addressing their offensive line until the fifth round, but Ozzie Newsome does not typically draft based on need.

Sports Illustrated: A-minus. From a strict talent-and-value perspective, the Ravens may have done as well as any other team in the draft.

Here are a couple of comments from our readers:

Colin (Baltimore): I give the Ravens a solid B for the 2014 draft. Would have really loved to see them get a tackle prospect high in this draft but it didn't fall that way. O-line was the weakest position group last year and still I'm holding out hope we bring someone else in to compete for the right tackle spot. But first round pick C.J. Mosley will be starting next to Daryl Smith in my opinion. Great pick, every down linebacker and hopefully provides Brown a push to become better.

Peter (New Orleans): I want to give the Ravens more of a B-plus or an A-minus, because I think they got some great value and that a few years down the line this draft will look pretty solid. I'm excited about C.J. Mosley, and I think we got a safety that can help us. I also think getting a DT to help fill Art Jones' void was a good move. But I'm a little baffled by our tight end selection, as well as the last-round trade with the Browns.