Bill Snyder favors 12 teams, title game

Bill Snyder would like to see the Big 12 back at full strength with a title game. Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports

DALLAS -- Add another big name to the list of people who prefer a 12-team Big 12 conference.

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder said during Big 12 media day on Monday that he prefers the way the Big 12 used to do things.

“I have always favored the way it was at one time,” Snyder said. “I favor a 12-team conference, I favor two divisions, and I favor a conference championship game.”

Although he'd like to see 12 teams in the conference, Snyder doesn’t know who to add if the conference were to change its official stance and turn to expansion.

“I do the easy part of it. I can identify issues. Solution is another story,” Snyder quipped. “I'm not going to ‑‑ I'm not going to be part of answering the question or providing solutions. If I could, probably ‑‑ if asked, I certainly would try to help.”

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said earlier Monday that the conference has no immediate plans to expand or add a Big 12 title game.

Nonetheless, Snyder would like to add a conference title game because the Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference without one.

“You might remember that, when we had that format, we were one of only two teams that played a game in December, and that was one of only two conferences [with a title game]. That was the Big 12 Conference and the SEC,” Snyder said. “Now we're the only conference that does not do that and have that particular format. I know it's hard to come by, with being a 10‑team conference. And as I said, I understand everybody doesn't want to do it that way.”