So long blog nation

It is hard to believe two years can pass so quickly.

I am walking away from ESPN.com today with a deep sense of satisfaction for what all of us on the blog network have been able to create in the past 19 months or so.

My last post will be my 4,131st. They have been sent from roadside parks, dark stadiums and even from a moving airplane a couple of times when the Federal Air Marshals weren’t looking.

It has been an interesting life for the last two years, but now it is time for me to move on to other opportunities.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to serve as the chronicler of Big 12 information during this period. I appreciate all of the correspondence I've received. I've made some good friends from many of the loyal readers out there.

I appreciate all of the help from the Big 12’s players and coaches and particularly the sports information directors who worked so diligently to assist me. To the ESPN.com editors and other bloggers, I appreciate all of the help, friendship and support they provided.

As we say here in South Texas, Vaya con Dios.

And thanks again for everything.