Behind the Trevone Boykin-Dana Holgorsen high-five

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The most memorable moment of Trevone Boykin's masterful performance in TCU's 40-10 victory on Thursday night actually occurred off the field, along the West Virginia sidelines.

After weaving through a quartet of Mountaineers to rack up another first down, the Horned Frogs quarterback came face-to-face with Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen.

"He was literally standing right there, and he just started smiling," Boykin said with a laugh. "I just put my hand up to give him a high-five, and he gave me one.

"It was kind of unreal."

Holgorsen offered his version of the events.

"He made one of the best plays I'd seen in a while. He was right there, so I didn't know what the hell else to do," the coach said. "I could've started yelling at our guys, but what good is that going to do?"

Holgorsen added that the high-five stemmed from how much he has admired Boykin on and off the field over his entire career.

"He's a great kid," Holgorsen said. "We've competed hard against each other for four years."

Two weeks ago, Holgorsen actually declared that Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman was the best player in college football after Coleman torched the Mountaineers for three touchdowns.

But after watching Boykin complete 32 of 47 passes for 388 yards, rush for 84 yards and total four touchdowns against his defense, Holgorsen changed his mind.

"With all due respect to Corey Coleman," Holgorsen said, "Trevone Boykin is the best player in college football. You can't tackle him."

Boykin admitted he was touched by the compliment.

And by Holgorsen's high-five.

"Probably the most respect you can give someone in that kind of moment," Boykin said. "That meant a lot."