Only playoff rankings drama left for Oklahoma is who it will face in semifinal

The drama is over.

Oklahoma, coming off a 35-point win at Oklahoma State and an outright Big 12 championship, seems to be firmly in the College Football Playoff.

The selection committee left the Sooners at No. 3 in its playoff rankings for the second consecutive week, behind No. 1 Clemson and No. 2 Alabama and ahead of No. 4 Iowa.

That spot might seem precarious for the Big 12, considering TCU was ranked No. 3 last year heading into the final week of the season before being bumped out in the final rankings.

But unlike last year, when surging Ohio State took TCU's spot in the playoff, there isn't another team lurking behind Oklahoma. Notre Dame is out of the picture. Stanford has two losses and is four spots behind the Sooners. And Ohio State doesn't come close to matching Oklahoma's resume.

The biggest question for the Sooners now isn't whether they'll be in the playoff. It's what seed they'll earn, what site they'll travel to and who they'll face.

At the moment, Oklahoma would presumably meet Alabama in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic semifinal, since Clemson, the top overall seed, would likely be slotted into the Capital One Orange Bowl, the site closest to its campus.

Barring an upset this weekend, No. 3 might be the highest the Sooners can climb. Even though Oklahoma boasts three top-20 wins, Alabama has five such victories. Committee chairman Jeff Long said the committee considered slotting the Crimson Tide over No. 1 Clemson.

With no games left, there's nothing the Sooners can do to factor into that debate.

Then again, much could change this weekend.

Alabama has to defeat Florida in the SEC championship. Clemson has to beat North Carolina in the ACC title game. And Iowa faces Michigan State in the Big Ten championship.

If Alabama or Clemson were to fall, Oklahoma could move up in the rankings. On the other hand, it's possible the Big Ten champ moves past Oklahoma with an impressive final performance.

Either way, the Sooners can relax.

Whatever happens this weekend, they're in the playoff.