Baker Mayfield calls it 'quite ridiculous' Texas Tech hasn't given him release

Because Texas Tech didn't give Baker Mayfield a full release to transfer to Oklahoma, the 2016 season could be his final one in college.

According to Big 12 rules, players who transfer within the conference automatically lose a season of eligibility, barring a successful appeal through the league's faculty representatives. Even for players who were walk-ons, like Mayfield.

Tuesday, Mayfield was asked about this, and he didn't hold back.

"It’s about that time for (Texas Tech) to realize it’s quite ridiculous that they didn’t pay for any of my school and they’re able to take a year of my eligibility away," said Mayfield, who hasn't gained a waiver from the Big 12's faculty representatives to get his fourth and final season of eligibility back.

Mayfield, who had to sit out last year as well, added that the Big 12 needs to rethink the way it treats walk-on transfers in the future.

"I went a whole year-and-a-half, almost two years without (a school) paying for my school, even when I was here, because (Texas Tech) didn’t sign my release. ... A walk-on that didn’t get his school paid for," Mayfield said. "So it’s quite ridiculous, that the rules are that way."